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Innovative 3D Uses for AEC/BIM and supporting Advanced Workflows for Additive Manufacturing — Take-Aways from COE 2016

The COE 2016 Annual PLM Experience and TechniFair was held last week in San Antonio. This was my first year attending the event for users of Dassault Systèmes software solutions.  As it turns out there was a lot I did not really understand about this show that I had heard so much about over the years.  In years past when I heard COE referenced, I erroneously thought it was a Dassault Systèmes event. But COE is a well-organized user group, bringing industry professionals together.

3D Modeling: Enabling the Revolution in Biomechatronics

The marrying of electronics, mechanics and bionics, or biomechatronics, can conjure up images of Iron Man, flying around, wielding superhuman strength. But behind the science fiction is science fact — scientists and engineers are developing systems to enable amputees and paraplegics to walk again. And that is only the beginning.

3D Modeling and the Zen of Antenna Design

We have all heard about the digital revolution, and how analog technology is old school, something handled by old guys with gravy-stained ties and probably not much hair. But as so much of our digital devices have moved to wireless communication, analog design lives on in the form of antenna design. Some of the greatest challenges in designing digital products come in the form of designing the antenna.

Premier 2016 3D Modeling Event

This week we released the details for the 3D Insiders’ Summit 2016 and opened registration for the September 28th to 29th event. While this event may not have the cachet of the Oscars or Burning Man (certainly doesn’t have the same dress code), this a significant event in the world of 3D modeling. This is a chance for you to receive hands-on technical training, learn about new features, and meet one-on-one with our technical experts at the Broomfield, Colorado venue.

Geometry for Bevel Cuts using Water Jet & Laser Cutters


As water jet and laser cutters become more sophisticated, the geometries that they are able to cut are also increasing in complexity.  In recent years, the ability to angle cutting heads has meant that instead of being restricted to vertical cuts, bevel cuts now become possible. 


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