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Polyhedral Modeling and 3D Printing

There is often the high-level assumption with additive manufacturing (aka, 3D printing) that once you have the data from whatever modeling source, you just have to import the data, make a few adjustments and hit print. But often the source files are not truly print ready. Moreover, just because it is additive manufacturing, does not mean there isn’t a process to make the model manufacturing ready.

One-Way Associativity for 3D CAD Analysis Applications

Analysis applications often use solid models generated by CAD systems as their input; for example, the structural analysis of an engineering model. The user of the system applies a set of loads and boundary conditions to the model, and then the software performs its analysis and supplies a set of deformations or stresses in the material, allowing an engineer to look at the results and decide whether the design fits its purpose.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Enables the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The term disruptive technology is overused and often can’t be justified. But in the case of additive manufacturing, it truly applies. This technology now makes complexity free, ushering a new age of manufacturing that allows designers to no longer be constrained by manufacturing methods.

The basis of additive manufacturing is 3D printing, which delivers many advantages to manufacturing, not the least of which is the freedom it delivers to the design process combined with higher quality of the final product.

The Impact of Model-Based Definition on 3D Modeling & Manufacturing

The beginning of the year is a time for planning, both in our personal lives, as well as professional. It is no different here at Spatial. We are excited to begin sharing our plans and goals for the future with our customers. One of our focus areas this year is model-based definition, or MBD.


Solving Complex 3D Software Development Problems with 2016 1.0

A significant challenge of our work is to solve complex problems for the many changes happening in our industry today. Spatial customers across a broad range of industries have relied upon our 3D software development toolkits over the course of years, and have collaborated with us to develop solutions that solve problems in their application domain. A result of this collaborative effort is our latest 2016 1.0 release, which offers significant new products, functional enhancements, and version updates for our valued customers.

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