Partner Focus: ODA

Partner Focus: ODA

A discussion with Arnold van der Weide, President of the Open Design Alliance

In December of 2012, Spatial announced the addition of Open Design Alliance (ODA) as the newest member of our Industry Partner Program. With Teigha, the development platform for engineering solutions which allow ODA members to build applications for viewing, manipulation, and converting .dwf, .dwg, and .dgn files, the ODA offers a great complimentary solution to the Spatial User Community.

Arnold van der Weide, President of the Open Design Alliance, responded to a few questions to help better understand the mission of the Open Design Alliance and why this is a tremendous advantage to developers in the Spatial Community.

What is the mission of the ODA?
The mission of the Open Design Alliance is to build and maintain Teigha a software platform for engineering solutions for its members. Teigha allows members to build applications varying from simple solutions like viewing technical data to a complete CAD system including 3D modeling.

Even before the partnership, many companies using Spatial 3D components in a number of countries were also ODA members. How do you see existing ODA members benefitting from this partnership?
The ODA has created an API for ACIS in Teigha to allow our members to integrate ACIS into their application. Our task is to ensure the API is up to date and tested in the ODA quality assurance system. In this way we guarantee. In this way we ensure that members can concentrate on building their own applications.

The AutoCAD file formats have played a big part in the history of the Open Design Alliance. Is this still a major focus of attention for software development for the ODA?
It’s true that the AutoCAD file formats have been a big part of the ODA identity since our founding in 1998. However with the introduction of Teigha, this focus has moved to building a development platform that reads and writes a variety of CAD file formats including the .dgn and .dwg file format.

Obviously, the Teigha platform is an important part of the benefit to ODA members. For someone not familiar with Teigha, can you provide a brief description and where one could go for additional information?
As a not for profit organization the ODA spends most of its revenue on the development of Teigha and not on marketing. The best way to get information on the ODA is its website which gives an overview of membership levels, downloads of examples build on Teigha and an overview of partners like Spatial Technology.

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