Spatial Components Power CMM Applications for Success

Spatial Components Power CMM Applications for Success

By: Ray Bagley, Director Product Planning and Management

The leading makers of dimensional metrology software such as Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH, InnovMetric Software Inc., Nikon Metrology, and Dukin Co. Ltd, rely on Spatial 3D components. Why? Because they know that Spatial components power their applications in ways critical to their own business success: support of the most popular CAD formats, access to PMI, import reliability, specialized modeler functionality, and robust operations.

3D InterOp enables applications to import the most popular proprietary and standard 3D CAD formats. CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, Inventor, Pro/E Wildfire, STEP, IGES, VDA-FS, ACIS, and Parasolid… precise, high-quality B-rep data from nearly any source is available in your application. Spatial leads the industry in supporting new versions of the proprietary CAD formats, typically releasing a 3D InterOp Service Pack with support for the new CAD version within three months of its release.

With the industry’s only native-library CATIA V5/V6 translator, 3D InterOp can guarantee the accuracy of translation as well as timely version updates because we are packaging the CATIA libraries for 3D InterOp at virtually the same time as the V5/V6 release is being prepared. Even greater benefit is realized by users of CGM, for which the CATIA 3D data doesn’t have to be translated at all. B-rep imports are extremely fast, and perfectly preserved.

Semantic PMI

Spatial pioneered semantic PMI translation, making 3D InterOp the first component translator to truly enable process automation based on CAD model manufacturing information. By providing a rich object definition of GD&T controls, tolerance dimensions, and other model markup, 3D InterOp allowed our customer’s applications to be the first to deliver the great end-user productivity gains that can come from automated inspection plan creation based on semantic PMI. Semantic PMI import is supported on CATIA V5/V6, Wildfire, and NX; with SolidWorks to be added later this year.

Data Quality

3D InterOp is rigorously tested against hundreds of thousands of data files, a test portfolio which continues to expand and evolve to ensure coverage of legacy as well as new data format changes. Each new capability developed and new CAD version supported is subjected to this high level of validation. Recent customer benchmarks have shown that it matters: In every customer benchmark against competition, 3D InterOp has consistently been selected because it delivers more robust, reliable results.

3D Modeling and CMM

Spatial’s modeling expertise serves our metrology customers by delivering domain-specialized functionality. 3D ACIS Modeler and CGM have modeling functions tailor-made for inspection path planning, which was developed in cooperation with our customers. We also provide the fastest inspection data evaluation in the industry thanks to specialized multi-thread/multi-process algorithms which deliver top performance to the end user without requiring special development effort by the application provider.

Engineering Reliability

End users rate the quality and utility of an application based on how flawlessly it does its intended job without being noticed. Each time the user tries something that doesn’t work the first time, he notices – and the more often he notices that he has to work differently or report limitations and defects, the less likely he will be to recommend that application. Spatial’s 3D components are consistently engineered to deliver the highest end-user success in all scenarios, by enabling the application developer to build robust, fault-tolerant workflows. We create end-user reliability by following three paths in concert:

  1. Making every function as fault-tolerant as possible
  2. Recognizing that the 3D world is full of dysfunctional data and giving application developers the best tools to handle it when it is encountered
  3. Using our extensive expertise to help our customers implement the most robust application architectures and workflows, ensuring their applications are better than their competitors’

Spatial has been the leading 3D component provider to the dimensional metrology sector for many years, and our continued service to this sector is not by accident. We work closely with the market leaders to deliver new capabilities that help the market evolve. When evaluating 3D software components, you should consider the value added to your business by choosing the most experienced, most capable, most respected provider in the market: Spatial.

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