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HOOPS Visualize | 3D Visualization Software

Rapidly render stunning graphics across both mobile and desktop platforms, with HOOPS Visualize 3D visualization software.

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The Gold Standard 3D Visualization Software for Developing High-Performance Applications

Graphics for Engineering

HOOPS Visualize is a specialized graphics engine, built to satisfy visualization needs in engineering applications. For example, unlike the gaming industry, engineering needs all details to be displayed and rarely allows detail to be masked by textures. Leverage HOOPS Visualize to ensure your engineering needs are met successfully.

Broad Platform and Device Support

Mobile operating systems are on a convergent path with traditional desktop operating systems. HOOPS Visualize is supported on Windows, Linux MacOS, iOS & Android operating systems enabling your Desktop, Mobile, and AR/VR applications.

HOOPS Visualize  3D Visualization Software
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Extreme Performance

Fully leverage GPU through highly tuned OpenGL and DirectX drivers. Leverage HOOPS Visualize to produce high frame rates, fast data import, rapid selection & highlighting as well as the ability to edit scenes at a granular level without sacrificing performance.

Companies That Rely on Our 3D Model Visualization Graphics Engine


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Fully Featured HOOPS Visualize 3D Visualization Software

Rapid Integration

HOOPS Visualize is easy to integrate with CGM Modeler, 3D ACIS Modeler, and general purpose 2D and 3D visualization applications. 

Optimized Graphics

Optimized on-screen viewing, manipulation, and interaction reduce your development time. Full support for optimal rendering on both OpenGL and DirectX.

2D & 3D Support

Rich 2D and 3D integrated scene-graph creation, optimization, and management.

Fast Development

Detailed documentation & comprehensive sample applications for Desktop and Mobile in C++, C#, and Java. Xamarin support on both Android and iOS allows you to leverage your C# code in mobile apps.

Advanced GPU Effects

Real-time shadows, reflection planes, silhouette edges, optimized transparency, and multi-layer texturing for stunning graphics.

Advanced Visualization Functionality

Utilizes Animations, Ambient Occlusion, Point-Cloud Visualization, fast clash detection with soft and hard clashes, multi-plane sectioning with endcaps, and other professional service options including 3D Bill-Boarding to address a variety of workflow challenges.

Discover the Value of Cutting-Edge 3D Visualization Software

Create Stunning Visual Applications Without Adding Development Overhead

Give your development team the graphics muscle they need to create stunning visual applications for mobile and desktop.

Accelerate application development and enhance user experience with our 3D image visualization SDK.

HOOPS Visualize powers hundreds of successful 3D engineering applications, allowing them to stand out in a competitive market.
3D Visualization Software

Best-in-Class 3D Visualization Tools

Enhance user experience with the industry-leading rendering engine that leverages the latest GPU technologies.

Have lots of complex graphics entities in your 3D application? HOOPS Visualize enables hierarchical, flexible scene management, high-performance graphics, and sophisticated interaction handling.

Provide users with the best selection performance, and take advantage of multi-plane sectioning, clash detection, and more.

3D Visualization That Companies Use to Unlock Their Applications’ Potential

Slash Development Times With 3D Architectural Visualization Software

Borm delivered cutting-edge 3D modeling and architectural 3D visualization capability to over 4500 users in record time.
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Develop One Product, Visualize on Most GPUs and OSes

Save the massive resource overheads of developing and maintaining multiple versions of your software for different platforms.

HOOPS Visualize allows you to create a single application that supports major mobile and desktop operating systems and hardware.

Unlock rich 3D graphics for users and reach a wider customer base without adding ongoing support costs with the leading 3D product for visualization.

That’s why our solutions are trusted by the top 3D architectural visualization companies, manufacturers, and more.

HOOPS Visualize

Slash Development Costs While Getting Your Application to Market Faster

Minimize development time and maximize product value with modern, unified APIs that allow you to:

  • Focus on your core competencies and value addition
  • Reduce application development cost and time
  • Bring the application to market sooner
  • Deliver top-tier user interaction and application performance
  • Support major mobile and desktop platforms and hardware

Get the technology you need from a partner you can trust, whether you need 3D visualization for architecture, manufacturing, or automotive.