CATPart Conversion, File Repair & Translation

The 3D InterOp suite from Spatial provides high-quality data translation of your 3D CATPart-format files for dramatically improved workflows and reduced errors that can slow down project development.

The 3D InterOp component from Spatial:
  • Converts between CATPart and a variety of formats
  • Enables comprehensive CATPart repair and healing
  • Dramatically reduces translation errors
  • Provides for faster time to market and improved ROI

High-Quality CATPart Repair and Translation Capability

A popular format among CAD file types, CATPart is relied upon to provide 3D geometry primarily for equipment and parts manufacturers. 
But when it comes to converting between CATPart and other file formats, translation errors can occur that typically delay project completion timelines and increase development costs.

With 3D InterOp from Spatial, however, you'll gain advanced CATPart translation capabilities that allow you to seamlessly and quickly translate your data into other file formats for significantly reduced development cycles.


CATPart Data Translation With 3D InterOp

Spatial's 3D InterOp supports a wide variety of 3D file formats, allowing fast data import and translation with fewer errors. You'll be able to ensure that all of your 3D data is optimized and in the correct format to work with downstream engineering applications.

CATPart File Repair

With 3D InterOp's advanced technology, you'll be able to easily and automatically repair CATPart files, including geometry and topology repair. 

Reduce Your Project Costs

Data translation errors can be costly when converting between formats. With 3D InterOp, you'll enjoy fast and high-quality translation with vastly reduced errors - so that you can complete your project on-time for faster returns. 

Improve Productivity

3D InterOp provides an easy, extensible, plug and play platform for adding translators as needed - and usually requiring the addition of as little as four lines of code.

Versatile Capability

Since 3D InterOp supports all major 3D data formats including CATPart, IGES & more, you'll be able to ensure that you have the translation and repair capabilities to ensure that your data is ready and optimized for all downstream engineering applications. 

Comprehensive CATPart Converter Editing, Repair, and Translation Capabilities

3D InterOp benefits from Spatial's 30 years of experience designing and developing applications for the 3D modeling industry. With powerful multi-format data translation, repair, data reuse, and healing capabilities, it's the tool you need to get your 3D project wrapped up quickly and cost-effectively.
Contact us to learn more and to get started with 3D InterOp.

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