Data Prep

Simplify, Optimize, and Repair CAD Data

Data Prep, Spatial’s newest add-on product for 3D InterOp, prepares imported CAD data for downstream workflows by leveraging Spatial’s geometry expertise and harnessing the power of 3D modelers.

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Why Data Prep?

Preparing CAD data is an essential step for applications in the Manufacturing, Simulation, Robotics, and AEC industries. With this new add-on, application developers can easily integrate CAD data preparation capabilities as a part of the import process.

Filtering small bodies out of a model, removing small holes and fillets, generating an assembly structure from a part with duplicate bodies, etc.

Thanks to Data Prep, end users can enable these operations without any need for manual editing.



Automatically improve and enrich 3D data with robust algorithms and the best implementation practices. 

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Reduce model complexity and size, mask IP, and tailor outputs with powerful filtering and compression techniques.

Data Prep Features Include:


Data Prep extends 3D InterOp and makes it easier for developers to generate optimal 3D data automatically.

Easy Integration

Use 3D InterOp Pre-Built Options to Prepare Data with minimal application and user input.

Remove Features

Enable your users to simplify 3D geometry representations during 3D import. Automatically remove intricate geometric details like holes and fillets by specifying a size threshold.

Filtering Body by Size

Enable your customers to achieve data size reduction of their assets by automatically removing all objects under a size threshold during 3D Import. 


Enable your users to automate import activities with instancing. Identify identical shapes within 3D data and remove associated geometric data, streamlining product structures.

How Data Prep Impacts Your Industrial Workflow

Data Prep can simplify and optimize 3D content for faster and easier engineering and collaboration workflows for a broad spectrum of industries, each with unique challenges and requirements.

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From CAD Design to Simulation, Made Easy

Data Prep Automatic Feature Removal reduces the bottleneck of simulation preparation, numerical discretization of models, and subsequent computations.
instance, with the simplified representations obtained, 
robotics experts can optimize virtual robotic simulation and programming.

Example: Simplification By Removing Detailed Features

CAE simulation experts can iterate faster in evaluating design variants.

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Deal With Complex Parts and Assemblies

Instancing is impossible to accomplish on complex parts and assemblies manually
Models optimized with “Data Prep Instancing” will reveal object reuse with better semantics and streamline collaboration.
instance, production operators, costing analysts, and procurement services will leverage
the improved semantics to generate an accurate “bill of materials” of the components to be manufactured, procured, or assembled.

Example: Optimization with Instancing

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Simplify Your CAD Models for Visualization

Filtering Body by Size empowers your application users to generate 3D CAD or 3D Visualization models by removing unnecessary details.
This reduces model size and subsequent resources to reuse them in collaboration workflows.
Simplified models can be shared with peers for review processes or integrated as digital proxies in
virtual environments.
This enables models to be lighter, smaller, and faster to reuse.
This functionality lets you quickly render the models in
web viewers or any visualization application.

Example: Simplification of Equipment by Removing Small Bodies

Automation makes it easy to compress data efficiently.

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Ever Evolving Capabilities

Data Prep won't stop here. New capabilities are being added every release, such as remeshing, further filtering, removing hidden parts, decimation, and beyond. 

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