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The Web Based Graphics Engine for Engineering Apps 

Elevate your design engineering and manufacturing projects into the cloud. HOOPS Communicator delivers an unparalleled web-based 3D experience, empowering seamless collaboration and innovation. Challenge how you visualize, interact with, edit and manage 3D data with our state-of-the-art SDK.

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Unlock the Power of the Web Visualization for 3D Application

With the addition of HOOPS Communicator to Spatial’s family of 3D components, Spatial now enables the visualization of and interaction with 3D data on the web for a diverse range of design, engineering, and manufacturing workflows.

Out-of-the-box Functionality

Supports a myriad of diverse workflows across a broad range of industry segments with no need to create such functionality with open-source libraries or in WebGL

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Flexible, Easy Deployment

A wide set of APIs allow developers to connect and render 3D data - data that easily integrates with Spatial's SDK components such as 3D Interop, as well as both the ACIS and CGM modelers

Powerful 3D Graphics Engine

Customizable 3D graphics SDK for high-quality rendering of web-based applications

Optimized Performance

Fast rendering of even large 3D data-sets with multitudes of bodies and high triangle-counts

Easy and Comprehensive Access to 3D Data

Product structures and configurations, both geometric and graphical data such as product-manufacturing information (PMI), model-trees, and physical properties

Features for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Applications

Data Structure Access and Flexbility

Model trees and underlying scene-graphs allow flexible access to geometry, graphical data, and attributes

User Interaction and Camera Manipulation

Enable granular selection and highlighting of objects as well as comprehensive camera manipulations like pan, rotate, zoom


Add and customize colors, transparencies, lighting, reflection and shadow effects, textures and realistic materials

Diverse Inspection Tools

To aid inspections of assemblies and individual parts add cutting-planes, assembly explosions, 2D/3D markups, measurements

Performance "Enhancers"

Implement occlusions and/or remove hidden-lines to enhance rendering performance

Multi-Platform and Browser Support and Testing

Windows and Linux supported on servers as well as major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari - includes robust testing before every release

Enabling Seamless Workflows for Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing


Example of 3D Workflows

3D Interactive Application

Online Sheet-Metal Preparation

  1. Import sheet-metal part from among most commercial and generic file-formats
  2. Prepare data by automatically recognizing geometric features like bends, holes and various cut-outs
  3. Unbended part and determine and manufacturability of bending steps
  4. Remove unneeded features
  5. Size for optimal nesting per external perimeter
  6. Calculate costs
  7. Send design to fabrication

3D Web Viewer

Web-Based Assembly and Part Inspection

  1. Import complex transmission assembly from among most commercial and generic file formats - import includes non geometric data like product manufacturing information (PMI)
  2. Rapidly inspect assembly and its constituent parts - gears, shafts, bearings, fasteners - using built-in rendering features such as model-tree, highlighting, cutting-planes, occlusions, transparencies, colors, materials


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