IGES File Repair, Translation & Data Conversion

Spatial's 3D InterOp component provides high-quality IGES file translation without costly data translation errors, allowing you to get your project completed and to market faster.

The 3D InterOp component from Spatial:
  • Converts between IGES and other formats including STEP & more
  • Enables comprehensive IGES repair and healing
  • Reduces your translation errors
  • Improves workflows, and boosts productivity & ROI

High-Quality IGES Repair and Translation

Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) files are commonly used in various CAD applications to facilitate the exchange among systems. However, typical translation approaches can result in a significant number of translation errors when trying to import data.
Unfortunately, translation errors can result in project delays, increasing your time to market and reducing your ROI.
Spatial's 3D InterOp's advanced technology solves common data translation problems. Offering a seamless and high-quality file translation capability, it's the ideal choice when you need to import, repair, and work with IGES files.

3D InterOp Makes IGES Data Translation Easy

Supporting all major 3D file formats, including IGES, 3D InterOp is the ideal choice for ensuring that your data is fully optimized and ready to work with all downstream engineering applications.

IGES File Repair

In addition to robust translation capabilities, 3D InterOp gives you the ability to automatically repair IGES files and other formats, including geometry and topology repair.

Reduce Your Project Costs

It's an unfortunate fact that poor-quality data transmission can delay your project, leading to cost overruns that impact your ROI. Not only do these slow down development, but errors can appear further down into the production cycle and lead to further unforeseen costs.
3D InterOp dramatically reduces data translation errors, so that you can ensure your original design intent has been preserved.

Improve Productivity

3D InterOp offers an extensible translation platform allowing you to quickly and easily add translators as needed. Its unique plug and play architecture boosts your productivity by giving you powerful data translation capabilities quickly, usually with just a few lines of code. 

Comprehensive IGES Editing, Repair, and Translation Capabilities

Spatial's 3D InterOp component provides powerful, high-quality IGES and other file format translation that reduces errors and improves product development workflows. With 3D data reuse, multi-format support, automated repair capabilities, and geometry and topology healing, its the tool you need to ensure your project gets completed quickly and cost-effectively.
Contact us to learn more and to get started with 3D InterOp.

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