Electronic Design Automation

电子设计自动化  (EDA)

Innovative Approach to 3D Modeling and Analysis

Spatial 提供 3D 软件开发工具包,以便在现有的 EDA 物理设计流程中实现分析和可视化功能的快速发展。

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Spatial软件开发工具包套件为工具开发人员提供独特的生产力和上市时间 (TTM)优势。开发人员可利用根据行业标准设计数据生成、检查、网格化和可视化的 3D 模型,为电子设计各方面(如芯片、封装和印刷电路板)带来显著的优势。

Spatial 的 3D 软件开发工具包允许通过数据创建 3D 模型,其数据读自应用程序的 IC 布局和技术文件的信息,或封装和 PCB 布局。


Webinar - Accelerate your 3D Application’s Development with AGM
On Demand Webinar - Accelerate your 3D Application’s Development with AGM
Learn how you can significantly speed-up your application’s development with AGM’s extensive, out-of-the-box, advanced code base.
Webinar - Spatial is your Solution Advisor
Spatial is Your Solution Advisor
Learn how Spatial’s Professional Services can help you build the perfect 3D application for your needs.
Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation
On Demand Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation


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凭借 SPATIAL 的解决方案,EDA 应用程序开发人员可以实现以下目标:

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Web Transparent Image
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从 Spatial 团队获得 3D 专业知识
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