建筑、工程和施工 (AEC)

Engineer virtual building solutions to enable better design, more predictable construction and reduced operating costs

AEC 应用程序开发有特殊的要求。Spatial 开发解决方案允许 AEC 应用程序供应商构建虚拟的建筑解决方案,以实现更好的设计,更易于预测的建造,降低运营成本。在建模、互操作性和可视化中,Spatial 的 3D 软件开发工具包允许应用程序提供商缩短上市时间 (TTM),扩大美学、安全、环保以及成本和时间节约等方面的产品创新。由于在交付时实现了更高质量的设计、按期竣工和未超出预算,这些解决方案造成客户收入的增加。

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Healing as an Essential Function

Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Learn why healing of 3D models is required, what actions 3D InterOp performs prior to healing, and details of the healing process.

eBook – Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Case Study - CCCC

CCCC Success Story

Spatial's 3D ACIS Modeler and Hoops Visualize where leveraged for a Custom Solution that meets specific engineering needs while offering a professional 3d Modeling

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The Benefits of Using SDK Technology

The Benefits of Using SDK Technologies

Software development toolkits (SDKs) are now used by almost every CAD/CAM vendor in one form or another. Popular applications included 3D geometric modeling, data translation,  visualization, toolpath generation and simulation.

Why are SDKs so popular in the CAD/CAM industry? This white paper takes a look at SDK technology, the benefits and return on investment.

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Enhancing the User Experience in CAD Data Re-Use and Translation Processes

Enhancing the User Experience in CAD Data Re-Use and Translation Processes

Translating 3D CAD data files for application interoperability is a given part of today’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) workflow; providing a predictable and productive user experience is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! Learn more about 3D Interoperability.

Free Whitepaper: Data Re-Use and Translation Processes


Webinar - Accelerate your 3D Application’s Development with AGM
On Demand Webinar - Accelerate Your 3D Application's Development with AGM
Learn how you can significantly speed-up your application’s development with AGM’s extensive, out-of-the-box, advanced code base.
Webinar - Spatial is your Solution Advisor
On Demand Webinar - Spatial is Your Solution Advisor
Learn how Spatial’s Professional Services can help you build the perfect 3D application for your needs.
Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation
On Demand Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation


CGM Modeler
A 3D modeling ecosystem enabling application development for next generation innovations.
3D InterOp
3D InterOp
CAD Data Exchange, Translator, and Interoperability Software - treat all major CAD file formats like they're one.
CGM Polyhedra
CGM Polyhedra
Powerful, performant polygonal & hybrid 3D modeling SDKs designed for the needs of mesh based models
3D Precise Mesh
3D Precise Mesh
The trusted industrial solution for Meshing, delivering robust and automated meshing workflows for your Simulation applications.
HOOPS Visualize
HOOPS Visualize
Harness the Industry's Most Powerful, Portable, and Complete 3D Visualization Library
Constraint Design Solver
Add Parametric Relationships to Your 2D and 3D Geometric Objects to Maintain Design Intent

凭借 SPATIAL 的解决方案,应用程序开发人员可以实现以下目标:

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3D 专业知识
通过服务和支持,从 Spatial 团队获得 致,力于取得成功

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