Automated Machinery and Equipment (Robotics)

Reducing Material and Time in Total Path Planning

The use of 3D models is growing within manufacturing, along with the need for specialized software applications to support complex machining operations. Automated machinery and equipment manufacturers are choosing to develop custom 3D software applications to better address their needs and achieve competitive differentiation.

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Automated Machinery Applications

Automated machine manufacturers produce software-enabled machinery for tasks such as metal working, metal cutting, and robotics. For these companies, Spatial provides a proven foundation for specialized application development that optimize end-users’ specific work-flows, shortening the learning curve and increasing their productivity. Spatial’s robotics 3D software toolkits enable development resources within these manufacturers to maintain focus on core capabilities, rather than re-inventing basic 3D modeling infrastructure, data translation and exchange, and 3D visualization capabilities.

The following are examples of applications and the capabilities enabled through the use of Spatial software development toolkits:


geometry import, geometry query, manipulation and editing, visualization, simulation with collision detection, reverse kinematics, and path planning capabilities

Why Partner? Why Spatial?

Learn how STÄUBLI FAVERGES utilizes Spatial's expertise and technologies and hear their thoughts on our relationship. See why they continue to trust us as their technology provider for 3D Modeling and how we continue to work together to elevate the robotics industry's capabilities. 

Case Studies, eBooks, and White Papers:

Healing as an Essential Function_

Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Learn why healing of 3D models is required, what actions 3D InterOp performs prior to healing, and details of the healing process.

eBook – Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

The Benefits of Using SDK Technology

The Benefits of Using SDK Technologies

Software development toolkits (SDKs) are now used by almost every CAD/CAM vendor in one form or another. Popular applications included 3D geometric modeling, data translation,  visualization, toolpath generation and simulation.

Why are SDKs so popular in the CAD/CAM industry? This white paper takes a look at SDK technology, the benefits and return on investment.

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Case Study - ABB

ABB Robotics

ABB’s Robotics Division markets RobotStudio simulation and offline programming software, allowing robot programming to be done on a PC without shutting down production and increasing overall productivity.

Download the ABB Case Study

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On Demand Webinar - Spatial is Your Solution Advisor
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Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation
On Demand Webinar - Spatial, Your Trusted Partner in 3D Innovation

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The Proven 3D Application Development Framework

Spatial Provides a Portfolio of Solutions for Robotics Application Development:

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Accelerate Time-to-Market
Through Rapid Development
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Expand Innovation
to Increase Focus on Key Differentiators
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Leverage 3D Expertise
Through Services and Support from a Spatial Team Committed to Success
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Reduce Your Risk with AGM
A Proven 3D Application Development Framework

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