3D BIM InterOp

Reduce Sources of Complexity and Increase Translation Accuracy

Spatial's integrated BIM interoperability solution reduces sources of complexity and increases the accuracy of your translations through an integrated programming interface fully compatible with major industry formats.

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Adopt BIM Industry Standards

Spatial's integrated BIM interoperability solution ensures the completeness of your translations through a simple unified interface compliant with the IFC -16739 ISO norm.

Comprehensive Solution

Our SDKs provide all of the data libraries you need to cover every end-user 3D modeling requirement. We’ll handle the maintenance and upgrades so that you maintain a faster development cadence as well as cut your development costs and risks.

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Flexible Model Import

Access model spatial structure, objects discipline and properties, geometry, visualization, and more by importing containers of your choice, as needed by your application.

3D BIM InterOp Features Include:

Support for major industry formats such as Revit, IFC, and DGN

Equip your applications to import a range of 3D modeling formats as well as create and edit geometry in those formats.

Accurate import of geometry and metadata of project designs

Provide a robust BIM experience to your end-users with an Automatic Feature Recognition system that streamlines your mesh generation and structural, thermal and fluid simulations. You can also enable Topology Editing and Optimal Mesh Generation.

Digital Twin/Virtual Construction Capability

Equip your application users with the ability to build Virtual Construction environments intended for collaboration between multiple disciplines during the design and construction phases, and with the ability to build Digital Twins aimed at facility owners for operations and maintenance, thus enabling them to fully cover the entire lifecycle of construction projects.

Easily Customizable

We manage the resource-intensive task of keeping different data libraries up-to-date and our SDKs provide immediate integration with industry-standard graphics APIs and 3D modelers. Combined, our SDKs enable for reading and writing non-native files as well as high-quality 3D Mesh Generation, 3D visualization and modeling capabilities. This frees you to focus on providing the best possible end-user experience and reduce your time-to-market.

Easier Identification of Design Flaws

By providing your end-users with analysis tools, such as fluid analysis, you will enable them to fix design flaws digitally, i.e., before any construction work. This will save time and financial resources as it prevents mid-course corrections that will involve fresh supplies, labor and/or other costly inputs.

Simple and Complete Data Manipulation

You’ll equip your end-users with the ability to review and edit a diverse range of 3D modeling data by leveraging Spatial’s 3D Data Translation, 3D Modeler, and 3D Visualization SDKs all out-of-the-box. We’ll maintain and update these core technologies so that you can deliver fast and timely feature updates to your end-users. 

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