Glossary - STEP / STP File Format

With Spatial's 3D InterOp STEP Translation Capability at Your Fingertips You’ll Enjoy High-Quality Data Translation Without the Errors that can Drive Up Project Costs.

The 3D InterOp component from Spatial:
  • Offers high-quality STEP data conversion
  • Allows for comprehensive STEP repair and healing
  • Preserves design intent with fewer errors
  • Gets you to market faster for improved ROI

Comprehensive High-Quality STEP File Repair & Translation

As a major 3D model file type, the STEP or STP format is widely used for its ability to transfer files between different CAD applications.

Despite its wide-scale adoption, it can be a challenge to translate STEP files into other formats, a process that frequently leads to translation errors resulting in costly project delays.

But with Spatial's 3D InterOp component, STEP translation errors can be drastically reduced.

With 3D InterOp, you get a virtually seamless process resulting in high-quality repair and translation result that will let you complete your development project faster.

Seamless STP File Data Translation with 3D InterOp

Your development workflows rely on fast, efficient, and high-quality file translations that comprehensively preserve design intent. With the 3D InterOp suite, translating files including STEP can be done seamlessly the first time.

3D InterOp is the result of Spatial's 30 years of experience delivering innovative 3D modeling applications. The versatile suite supports all major data exchange formats - including STEP, STL files and more - allowing quick translations into formats that will work with all downstream engineering applications.

Repair STEP or STP Files

3D InterOp's advanced modeling technology allows you to easily and automatically handle STEP file repair issues

Improve Productivity

With an extensible translation platform using a plug and play 'connect' architecture for translators, you can easily add translators as needed for improved productivity.

Reduce Project Costs

Frequent data translation errors can significantly slow down your product development, reducing your ROI and slowing down your time to market.

With its high-quality translation components, 3D InterOp will boost your bottom line by performing STEP and other file-format translations with drastically reduced errors for faster workflows.

Equip 3D Printers to Read STP Files and Reduce Your Customers’ Lead Time

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A Comprehensive STEP Editing, Repair and Translation Capability

The 3D InterOp suite from Spatial gives you the STEP translation and repair capabilities you need to get the job done quickly and accurately.

With 3D data reuse, robust multi-format support, automated repair, and unmatched translation accuracy, it's the tool you need to get your project completed faster.

Contact us to learn more and to get started with 3D InterOp.