Convert CAD to STL - Repair, Edit STL Files

High-Quality STL Translation With Preservation of Design Intent for Faster Time to Market

Spatial's 3D InterOp lets you drastically reduce data translation errors and provide the highest quality data exchange from STL to CAD formats for faster workflows and reduced project costs.

The 3D InterOp tool from Spatial:

  • Converts between STL and a wide variety of CAD formats such as 3D-XML & more
  • Enables comprehensive STL repair and healing
  • Reduces translation errors
  • Allows for faster time to market and ROI

High-Quality STL File Repair and Translation

One of the most widely-used 3D model file formats, STL’s 3D file and printer support is widespread.

STL's virtual universality in regards to printer support and software compatibility makes it a popular format in the areas of prototyping, and 3D printing.

But when it comes to translating among formats, errors can easily occur.

Due to the particular geometries of STL formats, unique data exchange issues can arise resulting in project delays and cost overruns.

However, Spatial's 3D InterOp tools makes STL repair and data translation seamless, producing high-quality results the first time.

3D InterOp Makes Translating Data in STL Files Easy

With so many competing CAD file formats, along with varying levels of 3D printer support, your workflows depend on having a tool that can import 3D data quickly and seamlessly.

The 3D InterOp component supports all major data exchange formats to translate them into suitable formats that work with all downstream engineering applications.

STL File Repair

In addition to robust translation capabilities, Spatial incorporates advanced technology to handle automated repair of STL file formats and others, including geometry & topology repair

Reduce Project Costs

Poor quality data translation is a costly problem.

Data imperfections can compromise design intent, leading not only to printing and production delays and project maintenance costs, but post-manufacturing defects which don't become apparent until later in the product cycle.

3D InterOp drastically reduces costs by preventing translation errors, ensuring high-quality data exchanges that fully support your design intent.

Improve CAD Productivity and Interoperability

With its convenient plug and play architecture and a wide variety of supported formats, 3D InterOp lets you quickly add a STL to CAD converter or translator to an application with minimal code edits.

This easy extensibility allows for faster workflows, streamlined translations, and improved productivity.

And full integration with other Spatial modelling kernels such as CGM Core Modeler means 3D InterOp will dramatically reduce delays associated with cross-platform compatibility.

Help Your End Users Minimize Post-Manufacturing Defects

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Comprehensive STL Editing, Repair and Translation Capabilities

Spatial's 3D InterOp is the powerful data translation tool you need to ensure fast, high-quality, and cost-effective CAD project workflows.

With unmatched 3D data reuse and import capabilities, high-quality multi-format translation, automated repair, and geometry & topology healing, it's an essential way to ensure your project's success.

Contact us to learn more and to get started with 3D InterOp.

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