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Case Studies: CAD/CAM

Case Studies: CAD/CAM

Spatial 3D software components are used by CAD application developers worldwide to innovate and accelerate time-to-market gaining first-to-market advantage.

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Messerli Informatik AG

Summary: Messerli Informatik's 2D/3D construction planning and mechanical engineering software needed a geometry kernel that would enable advanced functionality. 3D ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp provided rich quality and functionality.

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FCC Software AB

Summary: Leading provider of CAD/CAM software for the sheet metal manufacturing industry uses 3D ACIS Modeler to enable robust 3D modeling and simulation capabilities.

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Nikkei Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Summary: NIS utilized 3D ACIS Modeler and HOOPS for fast and efficient 3D technologies to develop next generation building exterior and garden design CAD software.

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Summary: 3D-Tool, a leading provider of stand-alone 3D model viewing and analysis software, needed to meet customer requirements to work with native CAD file formats within 3D-Tool CAD Viewer. By implementing 3D InterOp they increased their year-over-year revenues by more than 30 percent.

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Punch! Software

Summary: Punch! Software is a leading provider of cross-platform 2D and 3D CAD tools and the market leader in home and landscape design software. 3D ACIS Modeler provides a foundation for crossplatform development of conceptual design applications.

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Vertex Systems

Summary: Vertex, an innovative provider of CAD software solutions for technical design and data management, needed to split resources between application development and the development of a geometry kernel.

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Summary: EskoArtwork’s ArtiosCAD structural design software needed 3D CAD model import functionality to maintain competitive edge without straining in-house development resources.

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SpaceClaim Corporation

Summary: SpaceClaim’s 3D Direct Modeling solutions enable engineers and industrial designers to perform up-front conceptual design, product ideation, and model preparation for complex engineering analysis and simulation.

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Summary: California-based IMSI/Design, LLC is the global leader in retail CAD. By integrating new versions of ACIS quickly, the company is able to bring a new version of TurboCAD to market every 12-15 months.

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Borm Informatik AG

Summary: Cut the cost of development; Shortened the time for delivering new features; Provided leading edge modeling technology; Eased upgrade process when new version arrives on market

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Summary: Reduced core geometry modeling costs by 40%; ACIS allows rapid deployment of IronCAD updates due to having C++ object-oriented architecture; Significantly reduced development time.

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Megatech Software GmbH

Summary: Full-featured 2D solution and up-to-date 3D surface and solid modeling capabilities; Improved modeling capabilities and ease-of-use; Ability to reuse geometry data from the users of hundreds of other ACIS-enabled CAD/CAM applications.

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