Case Study - 3D-Tool

3D Tool

3D-Tool sought a way to expand the 3D-Tool Viewer functionality to native CAD formats such as CATIA V5 and Pro/E, enabling users to view native CAD fi les without the need of conversion. This capability would enable users to translate native CAD files to a file format supported by their CAD program. It was imperative to accomplish this without making it cost prohibitive to its customers.

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Case Study - ABB


ABB’s Robotics Division markets RobotStudio simulation and offline programming software, allowing robot programming to be done on a PC without shutting down production and increasing overall productivity.

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Case Study - Biesse


From a business perspective, partnering with Spatial provides Biesse with fixed, predictable cost along with a set schedule for deployment. Moreover, by integrating 3D InterOp rather than developing an in-house solution greatly reduces the burden on the engineering team, allowing them to focus on Biesse’s core competencies.

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Case Study - CCCC

Harbor Design Moves to Cutting-Edge 3D Modeling

Spatial's 3D ACIS Modeler and Hoops Visualize where leveraged for a Custom Solution that meets specific engineering needs while offering a professional 3d Modeling

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Case Study - Dukin

Dukin Co., Ltd.

Development time reduced by more than 30%: Development costs decreased by 50%: Excellent help from the support team at Spatial.

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Case Study - Esko Artwork

Esko Artwork Success Story

EskoArtwork’s ArtiosCAD structural design software needed 3D CAD model import functionality to maintain competitive edge without straining in-house development resources.

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Case Study - FCC

FCC Software Success Story

Leading provider of CAD/CAM software for the sheet metal manufacturing industry uses 3D ACIS Modeler to enable robust 3D modeling and simulation capabilities.

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Case Study - FVA

FVA GmbH Success Story

FVA's solutions serve the entire driveline industry (automotive, industrial, aviation, marine, rail, and wind) with software capable of highly sophisticated and detailed simulation of the system behavior of virtual gearboxes and detailed analysis of individual driveline/gearbox components.

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Case Study - IMSI

IMSI Success Story

California-based IMSI/Design, LLC is the global leader in retail CAD. By integrating new versions of ACIS quickly, the company is able to bring a new version of TurboCAD to market every 12-15 months.

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Case Study - InnovMetric


Translators quick and easy to install; Benefit from frequent releases and services pack; Spatial's business model flexible and helpful for their needs.

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Case Study - Lubansoft

Lubansoft Success Story

Lubansoft Leverages Spatial SDK for a world-class 3D BIM tool suite.

We replaced the existing 3D modeling and visualization engines, which limit performance.

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Case Study - Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo Success Story

Mitutoyo, the leading metrology company in the world, has broadened the use of Spatial technology to other parts of the organization, such as machine configuration.

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Case Study - Nikkei

Nikkei Success Story

NIS utilized 3D ACIS Modeler and HOOPS for fast and efficient 3D technologies to develop next generation building exterior and garden design CAD software.

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Case Study - Renishaw

Renishaw Success Study

While .STL files have historically been the standard used by the industry, it is well known that this format can causes issues, typically with broken STLs that need healing, or with low triangle density impacting print quality. A far better approach is to work on the original native geometry, preserving the original design intent of the model. By integrating Spatial SDKs into QuantAM 2017, Renisahw will continue to enable users to build part right the first time.

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Case Study - Samin

SAMIN Success Story

SAMIN Information System is a leading provider of dimensional accuracy control and erection forecasting simulation systems for the Asian shipbuilding industry.

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Case Study - Stäubli Robotics

Stäubli Success Study

The Stäubli Robotics Suite 2022 offers optimized and powerful features that allow both standard and special solutions for complex automation scenarios to be readily visualized, simulated, validated, and realized. These features were enabled by Spatial’s CGM Modeler.

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Case Study - Virtual Motion

VirtualMotion Success Story

A new product needed to go to market quickly to generate revenue, however the company lacked time and resources to develop its own 3D geometry kernel. Virtual Motion integrated the 3D ACIS modeling engine and leveraged AGM and HOOPS to accelerate DAFUL software development.

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Case Study - Messerli

XEOMETRIC Success Story

XEOMETRIC's 2D/3D construction planning and mechanical engineering software needed a geometry kernel that would enable advanced functionality. 3D ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp provided rich quality and functionality.

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