3D Mesh provides fully configurable surface and volumetric meshing capabilities. 3D Mesh is optimized for pre-processing within a wide-range of applications with computer-aided engineering (CAE) requirements including structural analysis, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and electronic design automation (EDA). 3D Mesh provides automatic mesh generation for curves, surfaces (triangle and quadrilateral) and volumes (tetrahedral). Because 3D Mesh is a thread-safe component, it enables multi-threaded applications to take advantage of multi-core hardware platforms and deliver unsurpassed performance.

3D Mesh provides:

  • Automatic generation of triangular and quadrilateral surface meshes and tetrahedral volume meshes
  • Mapped mesh, boundary layer and extrusion mesh generation including triangular, quadrilateral, tetrahedral, wedge, pyramidal and hexahedral elements
  • Generation of both linear and parabolic elements
  • Control of mesh sizing with any combination of global element size, minimum element size, curvature based sizing and growth rate parameters
  • Unique defeaturing and healing capabilities allowing small holes and regions to be ignored and meshed over


Tetrahedral mesh generated using 3D Mesh

Surface mesh generated using 3D Mesh


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