Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Proven SDKs for Developing XR Applications

Spatial's solutions are able to prepare, optimize, and review large CAD data quickly and accurately, allowing you to focus on your application's differentiator.
Background imagery courtesy of Lumiscaphe: example of collaboration with AccelVR

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Utilize Spatial 3D InterOp to Import Very Large Assemblies, Super-Fast

  • Over 25 different CAD and mesh formats are supported
  • Support for AEC/BIM formats are available
  • Access the original product structure hierarchy to select certain parts to import
  • Support for a wide range of metadata including materials, colors, and product manufacturing information for manufacturing xR workflows

Utilize Spatial CGM Modeler to Optimize the CAD Model for XR by:

  • Simplification using feature recognition and feature removal capabilities which will reduce small features like holes or fillets when they're not necessary
    • Holes and fillets contribute greatly to the count of polygons and often they can be removed
    • Enables "LOD generation"
  • Full control over the tessellation of the geometry which will allow your user to generate the visualization right for them
  • Repair CAD topology
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Utilize Spatial CGM Polyhedra to Optimize Mesh Models for XR by:

  • Tools for healing meshes when they're not quite ready for visualization
  • Decimation to reduce polygon counts
  • Voxel-remesh
    • Enables "Proxy mesh creation"

Image courtesy of Lumiscaphe: example of Augmented Reality user interface

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