Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Analyze Product Design to Accelerate Results

Software development toolkits from Spatial enable application developers to build integrated engineering simulation solutions allowing greater accuracy in predicting how product designs will behave in real-world environments.

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What Clients Say:

“Working with Spatial enables our small and highly competent development team, staffed by the top experts from the industry, to focus on our core competency: numerical simulations. Thus, we are able to respond quickly to changes in the dynamic technology environment and new requirements from our customers.”

How FVA Keeps the Gears Turning with Spatial SDKs

Norbert Haefke

“The result is that Exa’s customers output better performing products at a reduced cost and accelerated time to market. PowerDELTA applies parametric feature modeling and history tree model management to the process of simulation model creation and update, reducing mesh prep time from days or even weeks to hours.”

Exa Corporation

Paul Stewart
Director of Product Management, Exa Corporation

“Working with Spatial enables us to focus on our core technology competence. Because we have a reliable modeling engine available to us, we are able to concentrate our eff orts on the usability part of the interface. I think this has been very well recognized in the market; and it’s something that would not be possible without Spatial”


Mark Timm
Marketing Director, CST

“This partnership enabled us to provide advanced import capabilities to our customers with a development time of a few months, while we would have needed years to develop the same tools ourselves. It opens as well new markets for our main product FLUX, such as the computation of electrostatic and dielectric behaviors, where the complexity of shapes and devices makes essential advanced import capabilities.”


Marc Vilcot
Sales Director, CEDRAT

Case Studies, eBooks, and White Papers:

Healing as an Essential Function_

Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Learn why healing of 3D models is required, what actions 3D InterOp performs prior to healing, and details of the healing process.

eBook – Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models

Case Study - FVA


FVA's solutions serve the entire driveline industry (automotive, industrial, aviation, marine, rail, and wind) with software capable of highly sophisticated and detailed simulation of the system behavior of virtual gearboxes and detailed analysis of individual driveline/gearbox components. Whether used in the early stages of design or to verify existing gearboxes, FVA's software package enables customers to visualize complex gearboxes in 3D while modeling system behavior, such as deformations and kinematics.

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Case Study - Exa

Exa Corporation Case Study

Exa Corporation, a global innovator of simulation software, needed high-quality conversion from multiple CAD formats to prepare models for meshing, and had a need for an industry-proven 3D solid modeling kernel.

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The Benefits of Using SDK Technology

The Benefits of Using SDK Technologies

Software development toolkits (SDKs) are now used by almost every CAD/CAM vendor in one form or another. Popular applications included 3D geometric modeling, data translation,  visualization, toolpath generation and simulation.

Why are SDKs so popular in the CAD/CAM industry? This white paper takes a look at SDK technology, the benefits and return on investment.

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Additive Manufacturing_ Top 5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Margins

Additive Manufacturing - Top 5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Margins

This eBook explores the various scenarios for Additive Manufacturing OEMS to offer a complete solution, and the impact each has on revenue and margins.

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On Demand Webinar - Enable Auto-Merge of CAD Design Updates
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Solutions from Spatial Allow CAE Application Developers to:

Accelerate Time to Market
Through Rapid Development
Expand Innovation
to Increase Focus on Key Differentiators
Leverage 3D Expertise Through Services and Support
From a Spatial Team Committed to Success
Reduce Your Risk with AGM
A Proven 3D Application Development Framework

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