Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Be in the driver’s seat of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation by enabling automation in your applications

Leveraging Spatial’s 3D software development kits (SDKs) and expertise, you can enable seamless collaboration cycles - from CAD design to manufacturing shop floor.  Spatial provides a complete solution with SDKs that cover manufacturing workflows from end-to end, so you can focus on the innovation needed for on-demand manufacturing, production-at-scale and Industry 4.0.

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Spatial’s CGM Core Modeler and 3D Interop aid CAM engineers in importing CAD models from different systems into your application, analyzing and optimizing these models with quick and direct geometry edits, as well as maintaining the CAD engineer’s original design intent.

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Automatic CAM (ACAM) in Subtractive CNC Machining

Over the last few years, the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining industry has been facing a dual challenge: a growing demand for machined parts and a shortage of qualified machine operators and programmers. With both issues, the demand and the shortage, getting worse, the industry needs a solution. Ideally, machine operators' productivity would rise so they could run more CNC machines. Instead, this challenge requires introducing deeply automated machining, in other words, a move from Computer Added Manufacturing (CAM) to Automatic Computer Added Manufacturing (ACAM).

Topics Discussed in This Resource: 

  • What is Automated CAM, and what does it entail?
  • What are the processes that need to be built to enable ACAM?
  • How CGM Modeler and 3D InterOp support ACAM enablement.
  • Model requirements for ACAM.

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CAM application developers can utilize Spatial’s 3D SDKs to enhance their application with features and benefits like:

CAD Import

improving  collaboration between CAM and CAD/CAE engineers

eBooks, White Papers, and Case Studies:

Healing as an Essential Function

Healing as an Essential Function: 

Learn why healing of 3D models is required, what actions 3D InterOp performs prior to healing, and details of the healing process.

eBook – Healing as an Essential Function: Preserving Design Intent in 3D Models
The Benefits of Using SDK Technology

The Benefits of Using SDK Technology

Software development toolkits (SDKs) are now used by almost every CAD/CAM vendor in one form or another. Popular applications included 3D geometric modeling, data translation,  visualization, toolpath generation and simulation.

Why are SDKs so popular in the CAD/CAM industry? This white paper takes a look at SDK technology, the benefits and return on investment.

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Borm Infomatik Success Story

Borm Infomatik Success Story

Cut the cost of development; Shortened the time for delivering new features; Provided leading edge modeling technology; Eased upgrade process when new version arrives on market

Download the Borm-Infomatik Case Study
Case Study - 3D-Tool

3D-Tool Success Story

3D-Tool, a leading provider of stand-alone 3D model viewing and analysis software, needed to meet customer requirements to work with native CAD file formats within 3D-Tool CAD Viewer. By implementing 3D InterOp they increased their year-over-year revenues by more than 30 percent.

Download the 3D-Tool Case Study
Case Study - FCC

FCC Software Success Story

Leading provider of CAD/CAM software for the sheet metal manufacturing industry uses 3D ACIS Modeler to enable robust 3D modeling and simulation capabilities.

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“Our partnership with Spatial has worked very smoothly for more than a decade. Their understanding and respect for us as a small software developer has enabled our long-term relationship.”

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AutoPOL Product Manager



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