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Proven 3D ACIS Modeling Solution for Industrial 3D Software Applications

For over 30 years, 3D ACIS Modeler has led the 3D geometric modeling kernel market, with improvements and enhancements for millions of users over decades of industrialization.

Creative Unique & Innovative 3D Applications Faster with Fewer Development Costs

Spatial’s 3D ACIS modeling solution delivers the technological capabilities you need to create high-quality applications for many industries, but with less market pressure and risk and lower software development costs.

With 3D ACIS Modeler from Spatial, you can:

  • Develop market-leading applications
  • Unlock innovation with industry-proven components
  • Enjoy flexible modeling capabilities
  • Reduce time to market
  • Lower development costs & risks

Features of Our 3D ACIS Modeler Solution

Proven Modeler

ACIS-based applications leverage the recognized quality of modeling operations such as booleans which are a direct result of 30+ years of Spatial’s collaboration with industry leaders in design, analysis,  manufacturing and measurement.

Solution Advisor

Spatial experts ensure the continued success of ACIS-based applications by engaging to understand and support customers needs and strategies.

Expand Your Reach

Benefit from the innovation of 3DEXPERIENCE® and the CGM ecosystem to expand the reach of your application.

Integrate additional technologies such as CAD Interoperability, Visualization, Meshing, Polyhedral Modeling (combining polyhedral and B-rep modeling), 3D Deformable Modeling (including Advanced Covering), Constraint Modeling, and Hidden Line Removal.

Create 3D Models

3D ACIS Modeler supports geometry creation, surface and solid modeling, modification and query from simple models to complex assemblies using a number of modeling approaches.  

Whether the need is for direct modeling capabilities to support a history-free computer-aided design application or to implement a history-based feature tree, 3D ACIS Modeler’s broad solutions are trusted across a variety of industries.

Modify 3D Models

The ability to modify a 3D model is important as models come from many different sources with different intents. 

Our 3D ACIS software supports applications in the customization of their data preparation through its extensive set of robust operations such as Boolean, Blending, Direct Editing, Thickening, Offsetting and more.

Topology Tracking & Attributes

3D ACIS Modeler provides complete support for feature modeling applications with annotations for topology tracking from geometrical operations. 

Additionally applications can leverage attribute mechanism for attaching custom data to topological objects for tracking them through modeling operations.

High Performance

3D ACIS Modeler maintains the highest standards in performance and memory management, making continuous improvements and building on its decades of use in industry. It is thread-safe with support for multi-threaded APIs.

Query 3D Models

Utilize model topology, geometry, and metadata for read-only workflows where creation or modification of models isn’t necessary, for example visualization for xR applications.

Add-ons for specific applications

Offer incremental value to your customers by adding more functionality. Spatial provides and maintains bridges, or out of the box integration code, so that 3D ACIS Modeler developers can expand their applications with add-ons like 3D Precise Mesh, CGM HLR, CDS. 

These can then be integrated with little effort, allowing developers to focus on competitive differentiators.

“Throughout the entire implementation process the Spatial team turned out to be exactly the partner we expected.”

Frank Nagel

“This partnership enabled us to provide advanced import capabilities to our customers with a development time of a few months, while we would have needed years to develop the same tools ourselves. It opens as well new markets for our main product, FLUX, such as the computation of electrostatic and dielectric behaviors, where the complexity of shapes and devices makes essential advanced import capabilities.”

Marc Vilcot

“Spatial is essential to our software and have continuously met our expectations. Without it we couldn’t be competitive in the CMM market.”

Dr. Ing. Dieter Loebnitz

Learn More About 3D ACIS Modeler

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The 5 Essential Functions of The 3D ACIS Modeler

This 10-page eBook discusses the following essential functions of 3D ACIS Modeler:

 The basics of creating 3D models

  1. Modifying a 3D model beyond its original design intent
  2. Viewer applications with faceters, meshers, sampling, ray firing, and point distance
  3. Managing attributes, memory, multi-threading, error-reporting, bridges, and interoperability
  4. Model-checking to find geometric and topological defects

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See How CCCC Lowers Development Costs and Speeds Up Time-to-Market

“Through our cooperation with Spatial, CCCC-FHDI has access to the world’s leading 3D components and application development framework. The Spatial SDKs allow us to devote our research and development energies to the development of higher value-added specialized applications. This partnership has lowered our development costs, accelerated the pace of our software development, and raised the competitiveness of HIDAS.” — Dr. ZHAO Hongjian, Head of HIDAS Development

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Accelerating Time-to-Market Needs More Than Just Spatial’s ACIS Software

Download our Application Lifecycle Management ebook to learn:

  • How you can shorten release cycles 
  • Unlock value for your customers

Extend your 3D modeling application’s time-in-market


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Millions of Users Worldwide Trust Spatial Corps’ 3D ACIS Modeling Technology

Equip Your End-Users with 3D Visualization Built on Proven & Widely Adopted Data Libraries

Competitive Differentiation

Using 3D ACIS Modeler, developers are free to focus their efforts on delivering unique product capabilities using the ACIS file format. 3D ACIS Modeler gives a tremendous head start to your innovation.

Faster Time-to-Revenue

By providing a foundation of high-quality 3D software components, 3D ACIS Modeler accelerates application delivery by simplifying development efforts and reducing resource requirements.

Lower Development Costs and Risk

3D ACIS Modeler is a proven solution for more than 350 applications with over 3 million seats worldwide. Lower risk means reduced development costs and greater ROI!

3D ACIS Modeling
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