ACIS Polyhedra

Polyhedral Modeling for ACIS-Based Applications

Convert ACIS B-Rep bodies into meshes or import meshes directly into 3D ACIS Modeler for advanced model manipulation and preparation.


Polyhedral Modeling Expands the Scope of Your Application

Expanding beyond exact B-Rep modeling can grow your application’s scope to a wide variety of industries. For example, adding support for Polyhedral modeling enables your B-Rep application to support Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, XR, and Dental industries.

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Transform Your Ideas For An Intuitive & Robust 3D Application Into Reality

Tomorrow's Innovation, Today

ACIS Polyhedra provides groundbreaking additions to precise B-Rep modeling that enables your application to add value, solve new problems, and offer new products and solutions to your customers.

Optimal Quality

Algorithms in ACIS Polyhedra are designed to offer robust and performant modeling operations even on the largest data sets.

Reduce Development Time

Leverage the APIs in ACIS Polyhedra to quickly add new workflows to your application saving time and development costs.


Spatial's polyhedral solution supports customers' many data sources, including medical data, terrain data, scanned objects, raw mesh data, precise models, and dozens of 3D modeling formats when combined with 3D InterOp.


ACIS Polyhedra automatically repairs models where other solutions fail. Combined with evaluation adjustment and repair tools, this enables you to produce models that meet manufacturability specifications.

Model Resurfacing

Sometimes, the polyhedral model’s quality is so bad it needs to be resurfaced entirely. ACIS Polyhedra’s powerful resurfacing algorithms can help you convert poor-quality scanned meshes into usable ones.

Polyhedral Operators

ACIS Polyhedra offers many APIs to enable building data preparation workflows such as Booleans, Offset, and Decimation.


ACIS Polyhedra supports a wide range of topological queries and calculations on polyhedral models, such as clash detection, mass properties, entity-point distance, entity-entity distance, etc.

Uniform Interface

ACIS Polyhedra and 3D ACIS Modeler share common polymorphic APIs for many operations to make implementation easy while using specialized algorithms optimized for the input data.

“Throughout the entire implementation process the Spatial team turned out to be exactly the partner we expected.”

Frank Nagel

“This partnership enabled us to provide advanced import capabilities to our customers with a development time of a few months, while we would have needed years to develop the same tools ourselves. It opens as well new markets for our main product, FLUX, such as the computation of electrostatic and dielectric behaviors, where the complexity of shapes and devices makes essential advanced import capabilities.”

Marc Vilcot

“Spatial is essential to our software and have continuously met our expectations. Without it we couldn’t be competitive in the CMM market.”

Dr. Ing. Dieter Loebnitz

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