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Spatial software development toolkits can help optimize manufacturing and fabrication solutions in diverse applications such as waterjet and laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, and CNC milling machines. A growing number of solution providers rely on 3D software development toolkits from Spatial to build fully integrated solutions.

Machine tool vendors must consistently produce innovative solutions to tough problems which also improve machining productivity and maintain high levels of product quality. Incorporating Spatial components for 3D modeling, CAD translation and visualization allows manufacturing hardware providers to deliver highly competitive, integrated solutions. Going beyond more general 3rd party products, custom solutions provide greater flexibility, more control over product direction, and focus on key differentiators including ease of use, streamlining operations and cost savings.

Spatial components can provide key functionality throughout the manufacturing process. Design changes, nesting, and comparisons between “as designed” and “as machined” parts are possible with 3D modeling solutions from Spatial. By using the integrated set of robust, proven APIs to deliver core 3D capabilities, machine tool vendors can now focus on solving complex manufacturing problems.

Who uses 3D software development toolkits from Spatial for their manufacturing hardware products?

Products and services from Spatial are used extensively by industry leaders such as OMAX, Flow, Trumpf, CNC Software, Inc. and Missler for a wide-range of applications.

Spatial provides a portfolio of solutions:

  • CGM Core Modeler, the 3D geometric modeling kernel used by Dassault Systemes’ world-leading CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms
  • 3D ACIS Modeler® and ACIS Extensions, supporting the need to model complex designs
  • 3D InterOp providing the highest quality data reuse between CAD formats
  • 3D Visualization the industry’s most powerful, portable and complete graphics development component for creating or enhancing 3D applications
  • AGM - is a proven 3D application development framework enabling customers to significantly shorten Time-To-Market

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