Geometric Constraint Solver for 2D & 3D models

Constraint Design Solver (CDS) is a geometric constraint solver that enables optimal part and assembly design. It also supports Inverse Kinematics calculations. Applications can leverage CDS in Design and Robotics workflows for regenerating features by re-calculating the sketches, positioning components of an assembly, performing interactive drags of geometries in 2D sketches or 3D mechanisms, robot simulation, etc.

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Comprehensive Functionality

Constraint Design Solver (CDS) allows you to apply and preserve complex 2-D and 3-D geometric relationships enabling users to accurately simulate real world behavior. Enabling users to define systems with multiple geometric entities and many constraints between them, CDS will then solve these simultaneously providing a solution that satisfies all the constraints at the same time.

Rapid Implementation

Comprehensive interfaces with debugging features and real time feedback enable developers to quickly implement CDS in their applications.

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Real Time Interaction

CDS enables applications to offer real-time manipulation of geometric objects with fast solvers that support interactive model modifications for constraints. If the system is not solvable, then CDS provides diagnostic information about constraints that conflict with each other.

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