CGM Core Modeler

The ultimate modeling technology for next generation 3D applications

CGM Modeler is at the core of a suite of technology including solutions for CAD InteroperabilityPolyhedral ModelingFeature Recognition, Constraint Solving and more.

CGM Modeler enables applications to create, modify, query and visualize 3D data for addressing the most complex challenges in your industry.

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Workflow Automation

Automate data preparation, model simplification and more by leveraging high level operators such as feature recognition and de-featuring for manufacturing and analysis applications.

Suite of Technology

Address complex requirements and deliver more value with the combination of powerful technologies. Adding CGM Polyhedra to CGM Modeler expands the reach of B-rep modeling by providing extensive polyhedral modeling capabilities to accommodate hybrid modeling workflows in various industries such as Additive Manufacturing, Medical or Geospatial.

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Solution Advisor

Spatial experts ensure the success of next generation applications.
Leading edge solutions require continuous improvements and differentiations. With mutual collaboration, CGM Modeler will evolve and enable future needs.

CGM™ Modeler Features Include:

Geometry Creation

CGM Modeler provides the best in class geometric operators for solid, surface modeling and direct editing. Applications can leverage operators for creating the most complex 3D parts and assemblies commonly used in automotive, aerospace industries and more.

Geometry Modification

CGM Modeler supports modification of both imported and natively designed models. Developers can implement their downstream workflows by leveraging a wide range of operators such as Boolean, offset, fillet and more for efficiently preparing models.

Geometry Analysis

CGM Modeler enables fast and accurate geometry query and analysis of complex models. Next generation applications can leverage a wide range of operators such as wall thickness, clash detection, point body distance for additive/subtractive manufacturing, robotics and metrology workflows.

Geometry Visualization

CGM Modeler provides visualization of models for both 2D and 3D industry workflows. Applications can leverage operators for controlling tessellation parameters to generate multiple levels of details and precise hidden line views for planar projections of models.

Geometry Feature Recognition

CGM Modeler embeds advanced feature recognition on any imported model even without accessing the feature tree. Applications can leverage operators to identify features such as holes, pads, fillets and more along with their defining parameters for manufacturing automation and simplification of models for analysis.

Getting Started

In addition to expert guidance from our customer success team, CGM Modeler package includes comprehensive documentation of C++ / C# interfaces, sample projects, and a Java Script based application for quick prototyping, concept validation and fast debugging.

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The Benefits of Using SDK Technologies

Software development toolkits (SDKs) are now used by almost every CAD/CAM vendor in one form or another. Popular applications included 3D geometric modeling, data translation,  visualization, toolpath generation and simulation.

Why are SDKs so popular in the CAD/CAM industry? This white paper takes a look at SDK technology, the benefits and return on investment.

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CGM Core Modeler Data Sheet

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CGM Webinar

Introduction to Modeling and Analysis with CGM Core Modeler

CGM provides a powerful, next-generation platform for 3D modeling, supplying functions to create, modify and query objects, as well as to support visualization, simulation and analysis. This presentation provides an overview of some of the programming workflows available in CGM to create and use solid models. 

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Webinar - Hybrid Manufacturing

Expand the scope of your application to enable hybrid manufacturing

Learn how you can start handling both CAD and scanned data to enable hybrid manufacturing
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Webinar Learn Why CGM May Be Your Next 3D MOdeler

Learn Why CGM Core Modeler May Be Your Next 3D Modeler

Ray Bagley provides an overview of CGM Core Modeler, the industry’s first new commercial geometric modeler in over 10 years. Learn the top 3 reasons why you should consider CGM Core Modeler for your next-generation application.

On-Demand - Why CGM May be Your Next 3D Modeler

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