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CGM Core Modeler

3D Modeling Software Development Toolkit

For developers who are responsible for next-generation applications in a wide range of industries, such as Additive Manufacturing, CAECAM and Metrology/CMM, CGM™ Core Modeler provides a powerful platform for 3D modeling and more. The CGM Core Modeler supplies functions to create, modify and query objects as well as to support visualization, simulation and analysis. CGM Core Modeler operators provide advanced capabilities to address demanding design, analysis, and manufacturing requirements.

As the 3D modeling kernel used in Dassault Systèmes’ V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms, CGM Core Modeler has been the foundation of V5 products for more than a decade, proven in the most challenging application environments and used by some of the world’s largest manufacturers. With its unique memory optimization strategies, CGM Core Modeler has an unparalleled capacity for large data handling. As a result, designing and manipulating of large models is fast and reliable, especially when compared to other commercial modelers.

Developers can quickly begin prototyping using 3DScript, the interactive scripting environment from Spatial. 3DScript can provide a quick-start for application development, an environment for rapid prototyping, or a solution to help investigate application issues.

Why make CGM Core Modeler your 3D development platform?

Traditional modeling can’t address tomorrow’s 3D application needs. 

Applications need to expand beyond just B-rep modeling for competitive differentiation. Technologies such as virtual prototyping, additive manufacturing, and CMM/metrology are driving tomorrow’s workflows.

A platform that includes technologies which complement solid modeling.

More and more development teams are finding that the geometric kernel is just part of the solution. Innovation requires extending core application abilities through rapid prototyping, robust feature recognition, constraint solving, hidden line removal and more.

Magnify business & product reach through Dassault Systèmes technology.

CGM Core Modeler provides native geometric and topological data compatibility with Dassault Systèmes V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE Platform technologies, the most widely use CAD data formats, plus integration with the data reuse capabilities of 3D InterOp. CGM Core Modeler enables the ability to work seamlessly in Dassault Systèmes environments along with the flexibility to work in other environments.



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