Glossary - How to Open IGES File in AutoCAD

How to Open IGES File in AutoCAD

If you’re having difficulties opening an IGES file in AutoCAD, follow these 5 simple steps:

- Select the “Insert” tab, followed by the “Import” panel
- Then select “Import.”
- Then select “IGES” (or .igs, .iges)
- You can then enter in the name of the .iges file in “File Name”, or you can find and select the one you want to import manually.
- Open the file

Additional Notes:

If the prompt takes longer than 5sec, your import will be done as a background process
A notification bubble shows up when the prompt is completed
You can select the file within the notification bubble - it will then be imported into your current drawing.
In the event that you close the notification accidentally, right-click the import icon located in the status bar, and select “Insert”
With help on issues related to .iges file extensions in AutoCAD contact Spatial today, or go here for more information.