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Overlap Between 3D Modeling Visualization and Gaming

It may be surprising to some that given the different target markets, there is an overlap between 3D visualization for engineering and interactive gaming. But whether it is to visualize a new actuator for a next-generation passenger jet, or build a post-apocalyptic cityscape populated with zombies, the goal is the same — enable human interaction.

Can Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Play Nice?

Much has been written about the promise of additive manufacturing, and how soon everything will be 3D printed on demand, ushering in a bright shiny future. 3D printing now exists for such diverse items as shoes, cars and even houses. While traditional subtractive manufacturing doesn’t have the sex appeal of 3D printing, it is still the backbone of manufacturing, delivering lower costs and higher precision.

What to do when your 3D Modeling Boolean Operations Fail?

Boolean operations on individual bodies are common functions in 3D modeling. While simple in concept, reality can be quite different — Boolean operations can fail for a variety of reasons, often the result of earlier Boolean operations. The most common reasons boil down to unclear design intent.

An incremental Boolean workflow is available to Spatial customers to increase the success rate of Boolean operations by performing localized optimization routines when a standard Boolean operation fails.

Improving CAD to Solver Process with 3D Precise Mesh

In much the same way as physical design has moved from paper 2D drawings to 3D models in software, so has analysis. Designers and manufacturers are rapidly moving away from physical models to perform analyses, such as structural integrity or airflow, in order to shorten design and optimization time, while dramatically improving both the performance and costs of their results.  The processes used for analyses require that the model be discretized into approximations, so that the mathematic equations can be solved at an appropriate scale.

Healing, not just for Precise 3D Models Anymore

In a recent blog post (Healing and Preserving 3D Model Intent) and eBook (Healing as an Essential Function), we wrote about the healing process within the 3D ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp on precise (B-rep) models. To recap, healing is the process of modifying model data so that it conforms to the rules of the target system, while adhering to the intent of the source.

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