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Solving Complex 3D Software Development Problems with 2016 1.0

A significant challenge of our work is to solve complex problems for the many changes happening in our industry today. Spatial customers across a broad range of industries have relied upon our 3D software development toolkits over the course of years, and have collaborated with us to develop solutions that solve problems in their application domain. A result of this collaborative effort is our latest 2016 1.0 release, which offers significant new products, functional enhancements, and version updates for our valued customers.

Recipe for Success - Selling 3D Software Development Toolkits

Customers First!  That is a key mantra that has guided me personally and many companies who are working hard to delight their customers and demonstrate a mind-set of their organization’s top priority.  But what does “Customer First!” mean and how do sales teams translate this mantra into valuable action and results for the customer? 

Are Your 3D Models Mobile, On the Cloud, or Stuck in Another Century?

3d mobile imageAs a child, I marveled at antiquity through my great grandmother’s many stories of life in the old west. Born in the 1890s—well before the horseless carriage—she’d speak of waking up before dawn to walk five miles to school each morning. After class, since she was already in town, her parents had her stop by the baker, butcher and general store before visiting the dairy to carry dinner and breakfast home.

Outcome Checking, Logging and Progress Reporting in 3D ACIS

capture meta-data about ACIS APIs This article shares a simple architecture which can be used to capture meta-data about the use of ACIS APIs in your program. It can be used to record the filename, line number, arguments and outcome of each API. C language preprocessor macros are used to invoke methods on a static object called spa::CheckOutcome.






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