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Tutorial - 3D InterOp Graphical3D InterOp Graphical Gear Box

This download includes 3 short demos of 3D InterOp Graphical which cover: an overview, effectively navigating various data structures, and data layout for various graphical primitives.  

Tutorial - 3D InterOp Graphical




On-Demand – How to Become More Competitive with Spatial’s 3D Software Development ToolkitsOn-Demand - How to Become More Competitive with Spatial 3D Software Development Toolkits

Demonstrated in this Webinar are new features and functionality as well as how Spatial’s latest enhancements to 3DS ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp will enable expansion into new markets with increasingly innovative solutions.

Become more competitive with Spatial's 3D Software Development Toolkits



On-Demand – 3D InterOp – Much More than Just Reading DataOn-Demand - 3D InterOp - Much more than just reading data

3D InterOp provides new capabilities, enhancements to existing functionality, and greater performance for application developers who need to reuse CAD data. This video provides info on new capabilities of 3D InterOp for the import of product structure, graphical, and geometrical data, as well as product manufacturing information (PMI).

On-Demand Webinar - 3D InterOp - Much More Than Reading Data



On-Demand – Introduction to Modeling and Analysis with CGM Core ModelerOn-Demand - Modeling and Analysis with CGM Core Modeler

CGM provides a powerful, next-generation platform for 3D modeling, supplying functions to create, modify and query objects, as well as to support visualization, simulation and analysis. This presentation provides an overview of some of the programming workflows available in CGM to create and use solid models. 

On-Demand Webinar - 3D InterOp - Much More Than Reading Data



On-Demand – Competitive Advantages for manufacturing using 3D CAM SoftwareOn-demand - Competitive advantages for manufacturing using 3D CAM Software

Incorporating custom 3D software to drive your machining solutions has become critical to achieving competitive differentiation and incremental revenue. Software needs to address data import, visualization, model modification, even creating new 3D models. This presentation covers how 3D software can drive machining solutions. 

On-Demand - Build Competitive Advantages for Your Manufacturing Business Using 3D CAM Software



On-Demand – Envision Your Future with HOOPS Visualize

On-demand - Envision your future with HOOPS Visualize

More than ever, high quality visualization is a requirement of state-of-the-art for 3D applications, This presentation provides an overview of HOOPS packaging with Spatial’s modeler components, and bridges between the 3D ACIS Modeler and CGM Core Modelers, and HOOPS Visualize. 



On-Demand - Envision Your Future with HOOPS Visualize



On-Demand – Advanced 3D InterOp Topics

On-Demand - Advanced 3D Interop

3D InterOp provides developers with significant features and benefits. This 34 minute video explains the different data types supported by 3D InterOp and how they can be used in the most efficient way. This video covers the 3 different data types with additional details on accessing semantic PMI and the steps for translating the B-rep data in a separate process. 

On-Demand - Advanced 3D Interop Topics




On-Demand – 3D InterOp: Improvements in 3D Translation

On-Demand 3D InterOp

3D InterOp delivers a significant number of products, along with customer-driven functional enhancements. 3D InterOp offers a proven solution for engineering applications that re-use CAD designs by importing high quality geometry and graphical data. This presentation helps new and existing 3D InterOp applications get the most out of this release.  

On-Demand - 3D InterOp R23: Improvements in 3D Data Translation



On-Demand – Speeding Up Translation with 3D InterOp Multi-Processing Translations

On-demand - Accelerate Your Application Development with 3D ACIS Modeler

This 3D InterOp webinar presents information for optimizing assembly translations in 3D InterOp using a multi-process translation workflow using the MPI protocol, how to extract product structure from the assembly, and how to configure parallel part translation.



On-Demand - Speeding Up Translation with 3D InterOp Multi-Process Translations



On-Demand – Accelerate Your Application Development with 3D ACIS Modeler

On-demand - Speeding up data translation with 3D InterOp

This release of 3D ACIS Modeler delivers a significant number of customer-driven features and enhancements to existing functionality. 3D ACIS Modeler helps developers exceed project goals faster and in less time. This presentation will help new and experienced ACIS developers get the most out of this latest release.



On-Demand - Accelerate Your Application Development With 3D ACIS Modeler R23




On-Demand – Learn Why CGM Core Modeler May Be Your Next 3D Modeler

On-Demand - CGM Core Modeler

Ray Bagley provides an overview of CGM Core Modeler, the industry’s first new commercial geometric modeler in over 10 years. Learn the top 3 reasons why you should consider CGM Core Modeler for your next-generation application.

On-Demand - Why CGM May be Your Next 3D Modeler



On-Demand – Configurable Data Translation Using 3D InterOp

On-demand - Data translation

Do you want to know how to make your customers more successful? Join Vivekan Iyengar as he discusses configuration settings to improve CAD translation success rates and optimize 3D InterOp performance. 3D InterOp provides high-quality CAD file translation for design reuse applications, each with a unique set of requirements for imported data.  

On-Demand - Configurable Data Translation Using 3D InterOp




On-Demand – Understanding the Reasons for Failure (in Solid Modeling)

Reasons for failure in Solid Modeling

Why might a modeling operation fail in your application? Discussed are the challenges of handling robustness in a widely deployed commercial solid modeling kernel, such as 3D ACIS Modeler. Also discussed is the evolution of gap management over the years, from the introduction of a simple resolution value (resabs) through the development of a theory of tolerant modeling.

On-Demand - Understating the Reasons for Failure in Solid Modeling



On-Demand – Advanced Covering

On-Demand Advanced Covering

Discussed is the use of Deformable Modeling technology to easily solve the challenges of covering non-planar, N-sided holes in models. The interface is designed to provide novice users with a quick “close your eyes and push the button" solution, while at the same time, giving expert users parameters that allow them to individually tune continuity levels, tolerances, and specify guide geometry.

On-Demand - Advanced Coverage




On-Demand – 3D Mesh

On demand - 3D Mesh

The 3D Mesh webinar details how 3D software components can speed your time-to-market and allow you to focus on your core competencies to differentiate yourself in the market place. The webinar covers the 3D Mesh software component and the capabilities it enables within your application.


On-Demand Webinar - 3D Mesh




On-Demand – Modeling and Simulation with 3D ACIS Modeler

Modeling & Simulation with 3D ACIS Modeler

Learn how improvements in 3D ACIS Modeler can improve design analysis and verification for electronic and mechanical devices. This webinar discusses common workflow and tasks, including: model cleanup, construction of model from several different physical materials, faceting, meshing, model inspection, and other CAE operations.  


On-Demand - Modeling and Simulation with 3D ACIS Modeler




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